You just want to be seen, to stand out. You want to be different and attract attention. It is not about being like the others, but about being theng the best. Be different. Be dominant and unmistakable.

That is why we are here. Since 1996 we have been creating the best locations. Always there in busy places.

All of our sites are carefully prepared with attention to detail. We focus on high quality and individuality, not quantity.

And would you also like media indicators? That is standard. We gladli fullfil your every request. Your satisfation is our reward.


IMPACT is the only independent measurement of outdoor advertising media carried out by research companies under the heading of the Outdoor Advertising Measurement Association
Nielsen Admosphere and MGE Data

This project is implemented throughout the Czech Republic

The IMPACT project includes advertising space from city light vitrins at public transport stops to the largest superposters

IMPACT research is carried out on a total of 16,083 areas, across formats Czech Republic

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