In the spring of this year, we took over the established nationwide network of advertising space installed at gas (petrol) stations. These areas are “slightly overgrown” with CLV. Their size is 1.6 x 2.0 m - significantly larger than conventional CLVs, which is an advantage because the area will certainly not be overlooked. The advertisments are always light.

Maybe you know these sites under the slang name "Thermometers". That's because the temperature, date, and time indicators are displayed over the ad space. Some may think this is useless today, but will certainly notice when you pass by or refuel.

We now operate 230 sites across the Czech Republic in more than 70 cities. With such a network and coverage, we run a great nationwide campaign. We will be happy to make a tailored offer for you, just send us a simple message.

„Tyto plochy jsou „trochu přerostlé“ CLV. Jejich rozměr je 1,6 x 2,0 m – tedy výrazně větší než klasické CLV.“

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