IMPACT is the only independent measurement of outdoor advertising media carried out by research companies under the heading of the Outdoor Advertising Measurement Association
Nielsen Admosphere and MGE Data

This project is implemented throughout the Czech Republic

The IMPACT project includes advertising space from city light vitrins at public transport stops to the largest superposters

IMPACT research is carried out on a total of 16,083 areas, across formats Czech Republic

The IMPACT project is composed of two measurement methods, which include current independent data on traffic density, supplemented by research on a mobile sample of the population aged 18 +

Each outdoor advertising medium is inserted into a map with exact coordinates, dimensions, rotation, height, lighting,…

Traffic density figures include both the most up-to-date road network data and measurements in places where there is the highest concentration of people, pedestrian zones, shopping zones, public transport stops

On a sample of 1,200 respondents, their movement was measured 24 hours a day during 28 days, and the data obtained, together with the frequency of traffic, are used to calculate media indicators.

Traffic flow and pedestrian routes are combined, when calculating traffic intensity which are at a visible distance in front of the advertising space

The resulting value of Realistic opportunity to see (ROTS) tells us how many people around the area have the opportunity to see the ad

If we apply parameters to the ROTS value such as the rotation of the area to each traffic flow, the length of visibility, obstacles in the view, the size of the area, lighting, etc., then we get the value of VAC

Visibility Adjusted Contact (VAC) is the total cumulative measured area impact, ie the actual number of contacts

The frequency of contacts of each respondent with the advertising space was processed on the basis of the evaluation of their daily movement, which was recorded using the Mobites device.

The daily routes of the respondents are further compared with the database of street sections, with the positions of the ads and their visibility.

The final analysis of the measured values will provide the media parameters Impression - the number of gross contacts of respondents from the measured population in 28 days

REACH - number of unique contacts with the area or campaign
FREQUENCY - the average number of contacts with the campaign in 28 days

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